Why We Do Not Give Branches Of ALPS

As explained the assessment at the SSB is based at the OLQs. Similarly the coaching here is not a text book course like Engineering, IT, PMT, MBA, Banking, SSC or Merchant Navy where candidates are tested for the answers they give from books which can be mugged up. Giving franchisee means commercialization where both seller and buyer are interested in making money. Teaching gets relegated to the background. To cover-up lack of teaching, aptitude and exposure to the military career and ground knowledge, institutes resort to false publicity with tall claims. To quote a few examples, an academy in Delhi and two of such in UP were established to give training for SSB. The first handicap was that the instructors were never posted at any SSB. An officer who was running a branch of an Academy at Jaipur was neither posted at any board nor could communicate in English which is mandatory a language in which the candidates are tested at the SSB. The teaching and results of such franchisee is anybody’s guess?

But the Sellers or Buyers of such branches are sure that a candidate will be impressed by naming its corporate offices and branches. Officer-ship is not a factory product being flaunted against the other factory. Or it is not a soap or toothpaste which can be substituted for the other brands. Imagine what damage an unfit or ill-fitting soldier or officer can do to the entire setup especially on the war front. So the basic concept of coaching is a serious commitment in developing a personality which suits the QR (qualitative requirement) It is certainly not commercialization of this noble profession of armed forces.

It is the teaching faculty and their experience on war front or field areas who make an institute efficient. That’s why Alps doesn’t hire untrained faculty and give branches to the unscrupulous. Because a faculty which is hired have half the attention to the class and the other half is on the wall clock or wrist watch to finish the class within the time slot they are being paid for. That’s why our limit for SSB class is 10 to 15 candidates at one time and there are no morning or evening shifts. Same goes for the written coaching. Traditionally the teaching remains a sublime profession laced with mutual respect, learning and discipline.