Training & Courses for potential officers for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast-Guards & CPF are for written exams through UPSC for which we train them are as under. Once they qualify, we train them for the Services Selection Board Interviews and panel Interviews. For both, we have separate faculties and separate wings.

The Curriculum for SSB:
  • Batches start on 1st, 16th and Every Monday.
  • Duration 15 Days. 6 Days a week for 6 to 7 Hours Daily.
  • Rigorous practice for Psych Tests & PPDT (Screening Tests).
  • Outdoor task on Ground.
  • Concession to Candidates from Armed Forces, NCC & Sainik School.
  • Fee Charged is subject to review from time to time.
The Curriculum for Writing Exams:
  • Duration of Course – 45 to 50 Days.
  • Crash Course – 30 Days.
  • Excellent Results in Last 30 Years.
  • Experienced and competent faculty.
  • Free study material & Mock tests.
  • Number of students at one time in a class is only 15, upper limit of 20.
  • Fee charged is subject to review from time to time.

Finance Manager

PD courses for different age groups have different syllabuses with different duration. Candidates are interviewed first and advised to undertake the course commensurate their aptitude and abilities. Academy can be contacted to seek information.

While we are talking of PD we are trying to say in nutshell the influence of one individual on the others in any field one opts. It has been proven that healthy Hobbies like Reading and Co-Curriculars including Dancing, Singing, Writing, Acting and excelling in Games and Sports enhances one’s personality. Director here along with number of his faculty pursue a few of these and motivate the students to inculcate these Hobbies. Col Segan excelled in diverse fields like Reading, Writing, Vocal Music, Acting on Stage & Screen, Motivational Lectures and Teaching. The synopsis of his two Novel recently published are displayed at this web site.

Screening Tests at the SSBs

The stage-1 Tests at the SSBs are known as Screening Tests. These are simple tests to find out the aptitude, motivation and general profile of candidates and to see whether it matches the standard of SSB. The candidates are assessed & results announced accordingly. From 2019 onward, the assessment will also be conducted on line. These are only procedural changes, but rest assured there will be no dilution of SSB standards in formulating the results. For better results we give adequate practice for PPDT (Picture Perception Discussion Test) our efforts are to enhance one’s General Awareness, Keenness, Perception, Motivation and Self Confidence to face the Screening Tests.

Success Rate

The question about success rate of Alps Academy is generally asked to us. Our answers—— ‘At time the results exceed 40 to 50 percent. But at time the results are a disappointing percentage. Though the coaching in the class remains the same for the entire batch. The results vary depending upon the grasp and hard work of the candidates. One can take a horse to the water, but can’t make him drink it. About 80 to 90 thousand potentials have been trained in Alps Academy over a span of 30 years and about 13 thousand aspirants have made the final grade.

The Principles We Adhere To

We have kept Alps Academy and intend to keep it a purely a Defence Oriented Institute in future too. Crowd is not preferred in the class. We need a motivated and manageable batch in order to focus on each candidate’s performance.
No franchise or collaboration of Alps Academy is given, nor any branches allowed anywhere to ensure personal attention, experience and quality of instructors.