Scope Of Training

We impart first hand psychological & practical based knowledge on the similar pattern of testing done at the SSB. The teaching and performance of each student is co- related with the required OLQ’s (Officer Like Qualities). Their good points and short comings are highlighted and explained how these will affect their career ahead. Examples of Bravery, Cowardice, Kindness, False Sense of Bravado, Warmth and Spontaneity and Sense of Responsibility are given by Col Segan as has had the first hand knowledge while fighting his wars or serving in peace. At the end of coaching a written profile highlighting candidates positive points and advise given as to how to improve weaknesses if any, as the same traits are likely to be seen in the candidates at the SSB.

This is possible only if the number of students in class are kept at a manageable level to carry out the personal attention and assessment. Imagine a class consisting 40 to 50 numbers at one time is no longer a class, but a crowd. There an instructor can deliver a lecture but to carry out the assessment is beyond his capacity. That’s why this principal is strictly adhered to strictly at the SSB. No GTO or Psych is given more than 10 candidates at one time. Hence it is humanly not possible to assess each individual in the crowd. We don’t accept more than 10-15 in a batch. This we have been able to achieve with restricted publicity, zero competition hence no desperation for the new candidates.